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Want to know more about your attachment style?


This survey can help provide some clarity on where you fall on the attachment spectrum. Keep in mind that this is a pretty simple survey and most people self assess as falling closer to secure than their relationships may actually reflect.

Like Podcasts?


The Therapist Uncensored Podcast is a one stop shop for science-based discussions to help people grow towards more secure and fulfilling relationships. Sue Marriott and Ann Kelley are both Austin-based clinicians who are doing great work in spreading the word on the importance of understanding attachment.

Here are a couple of recent favorites:

TU59: Dismissing/Avoidant Attachment: Are you cool, or just cut off

TU60: Preoccupation in Relationships – Grow Your Security by Learning the Signs of Anxious Attachment


Prefer to Read?


My favorite expert authors on attachment include:

Stan Tatkin

Wired for Love

Wired for Dating

Amir Lavine & Rachel Heller

Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment And How It Can Help you Find – And Keep – Love

Sue Johnson

Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations For A Lifetime of Love

In addition, Therapist Uncensored did a video:




How Entrepreneurs Overcome Anxiety in Business

Entrepreneurs are often portrayed as risk-takers, innovators, and trend-setters, embodying a resilient and unstoppable spirit. While this may be true, the constant pressure to innovate and succeed can lead to high levels of...

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